A Synopsis of Pure and Applied Cryptography

A Synopsis of Pure and Applied Cryptography

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Author(s): Maher Ali Rusho

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.2593 45 79 1-4 Volume 11 - Jun 2022


The literature of cryptography has a curious story. Secracy, of course, played a central role, but until the first World war, important developments appeared in print in a more or less timely fashion. After the first world war, however things began to change .US. Army and Navy organizations working entirely in secret. In the “imitation Game “ we see that Allen turing build a machine called “The Enigma Machine “. And using statistical method he inspired to win The world war . This was an extraordinary example of the application of mathematics to see how math works in every section of life. I am going to write a series of paper of cryptology for everyone. It will be a good reading for anyone interest in cryptology and want to know more!!


Encryption, Decryption, Plain Text, Cypher-Text Symmetric Algorithm, Public-Key Algorithm, Known Plain -Text Attack, Rubber-Hose Cryptoanalysis, Chosen Cyper-Text Attack, Security Of Algorithms, Steganography


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