An Y-chromosome STR Profile of Karl Wilhelm Naundorff (1785?-1845)

An Y-chromosome STR Profile of Karl Wilhelm Naundorff (1785?-1845)

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Author(s): Gerard Lucotte, Christian Crépin

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511 1294 28-32 Volume 3 - Dec 2014


We complete in the present paper our previous work (Lucotte et al. 2014, Int J Sciences, 3 (7): 28-32) on DNA marker of Karl Wilhelm Naundorff by the study of his Y-chromosome profile. For fourteen Y-STRs studied allelic values are identical to those of Hugues de Bourbon, the living 4th generation descendant of the Naundorff' elder branch. These datas establish that H. de Bourbon is patrilinealy related to K.W. Naundorff.


Y-chromosome markers, short tandem repeats (STRs), allelic values, Hugues de Bourbon, members of the Naundorff' family


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