Modelling and Statistical Optimisation of Citric Acid Production from Solid State Fermentation of Sugar Cane Bagasse using Aspergillus Niger

Modelling and Statistical Optimisation of Citric Acid Production from Solid State Fermentation of Sugar Cane Bagasse using Aspergillus Niger

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Author(s): N.A. Amenaghawon, S.O. Areguamen, N.T. Agbroko, S.E. Ogbeide, C.O. Okieimen

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1154 1875 56-62 Volume 2 - Mar 2013


This study investigated the production of citric acid from solid state fermentation of treated sugarcane bagasse using Aspergillus niger. Response surface methodology (RSM) was employed for the optimisation of fermentation conditions namely broth pH, fermentation time and substrate loading. A three-variable, three-level Box-Behnken design (BBD) comprising 15 experimental runs was used to develop a statistical model for the optimisation of fermentation conditions. The optimal fermentation conditions that resulted in the maximum citric acid concentration were broth pH, 2.0; fermentation time, 6 days and substrate loading, 80 g/L. Under these conditions, the concentration of citric acid produced was 18.63 g/L. Validation of the model indicated no difference between predicted and observed values as seen in the high correlation between model predicted results and experimental results.


Citric acid, solid state fermentation, Box-Behnken design, Sugarcane bagasse


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