Prohibition of Drinking Malt Beverages while Eating according to Islamic Religion using SPME-GC

Prohibition of Drinking Malt Beverages while Eating according to Islamic Religion using SPME-GC

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Author(s): Ashraf Yehia El-Naggar, M. A. Ebiad, A. H. Mady, A. M. Rabie

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520 1062 96-100 Volume 2 - Sep 2013


Islam religions forbid the drinking of alcoholic beverages because of their effects include changes in the metabolism of the liver and brain. Eight different sorts of malt beverages were collected from the local markets of western province of Saudi Arabia. The studied samples were subjected to the determination of their alcohol content via capillary gas chromatography through three steps. Firstly, the studied samples were directly analyzed, secondary, the samples were analyzed after exposing to air and finally the samples were analyzed in presence of yeast. It has been found that there is no ethanol content when the samples analyzed directly, minor concentration of ethanol content was found after exposing malt beverages to air ranging. Considerable variability in the alcoholic strength was found in presence of yeast due to fermentation.


Malt beverages, Capillary gas chromatography, fermentation, metabolism of the liver and brain


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