Immunity of Operational Amplifiers against High Frequency and High Amplitude Pulse Interferences

Immunity of Operational Amplifiers against High Frequency and High Amplitude Pulse Interferences

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Author(s): Osunde O.D, Anyaoha S.N.

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455 1080 7-12 Volume 3 - Aug 2014


The number of electronic (mobile) devices in the world is ever increasing. With this increase of transmitting devices, the electromagnetic interference (EMI) between those devices and other equipment becomes a bigger challenge. This raises the need for equipment and therefore integrated circuits that are more robust to the presence of Electromagnetic waves. In this study, the effect of radio frequency interference in operational amplifiers is dealt with by introducing a parameter to unambiguously specify the EMI robustness of an Op-Amp: EMI Rejection Ratio (EMIRR). This paper presents the background, details and usage of the EMIRR parameter in determining the sensitivity of op-amp to electromagnetic interference.


OP -Amps, Electromagnetic Interference, EMRR. RF, Modeling, Simulation, Offset Voltage


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