Study on Antioxidant Activity of Peanut Meal using Bacillus Natto by Solid State Fermentation

Study on Antioxidant Activity of Peanut Meal using Bacillus Natto by Solid State Fermentation

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Author(s): WANG Yanping, HU Yingfen, MA Yuping, ZHANG Yuanjie, LIU Qing

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DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1177 346 780 44-51 Volume 6 - Jan 2017


This experiment carried out a preliminary study on solid state fermentation of Bacillus natto peanut meal. Determination of the scavenging activities to hydroxyl free radical scavenging rate to determine its antioxidant activity. The optimal fermentation conditions were obtained by single factor and response surface methodology as follows:38.8 h of Fermentation time, 37 ℃ of fermentation temperature, material liquid ratio1:0.44, 6.48% of inoculation amount. Under this condition, the hydroxy free radical,iron reduction capacity and DPPH radical scavenging rate were87.3%、0.36(OD value) and 73.4%,respectively.


Peanut Meal, Bacillus Natto, Response Surface Methodology, Antioxidant Activity


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