Volume 2 - Issue February 2013

Volume 2 - Issue February 2013

Soil Practices with relation to Soil Fertilities

Author(s): Kanokporn Swangjang , Kamolchanok Panishkan, Daoroong Sungthong, Natdhera Sanmanee

Keywords: Soil Organic Matter (SOM), agricultural practices, Thailand

Abstract   References Downloads: 823 Pages: 1-5

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Studies On The Low Molecular Weight Thiols Of Mouse Ehrlich Ascites Tumour Cells: Glutathione Content

Author(s): Michael Gronow

Keywords: Mouse ascites tumour, non-protein thiols, radio-isotope labelling, Ellman reagent, Ellman thiol adducts, glutathione content, chromatography, capillary electrophoresis

Abstract   References Downloads: 797 Pages: 6-17

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Influence Of Water-Binder Ratio On Normal Strength Concrete With Rice Husk Ash

Author(s): Elijah Abalaka, O. G. Okoli


Abstract   References Downloads: 1213 Pages: 28-36

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Control Of Parasitic Diseases In Cocoa Using Time Series Analysis

Author(s): Eric Neebo Wiah, S. Katara, E. Danso-Addo

Keywords: Parasitic diseases, Time Series Analysis, Akaike Information Criteria

Abstract   References Downloads: 650 Pages: 37-42

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Fine-Mapping Of 1p36 Deletion, Related To The Manifestation Of Hirsutism

Author(s): Ivanka Dimova, Nikolova D., Nesheva D.

Keywords: mental retardation, array CGH, 1p36 deletion, hirsutism

Abstract   References Downloads: 603 Pages: 43-48

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Green Manure And Sewage Sludge Used To Recover The Fertility Of A Degraded Oxisol

Author(s): Carolina dos Santos Batista Bonini, Luis Gustavo Akihiro Sanches Suzuki, Marlene Cristina Alves, Luis Eduardo Akiyoshi Sanches Suzuki

Keywords: organic matter, environmental, soil chemistry, organic fertilizer, mineral fertilizer

Abstract   References Downloads: 805 Pages: 49-57

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Quantized Phenomena in Astronomy and Astronomic Quantum Theory

Author(s): Yi-Fang Chang

Keywords: astronomy, quantum theory, solar system, quantum constant, Schrodinger equation, binary stars, ring, vacuum, galaxy, cosmos

Abstract   References Downloads: 644 Pages: 58-73

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