Mark A. Brown's Publications

Mark A. Brown's Publications

Yersinia Pestis And The Westward Advance Of The Great Pestilence

Author(s): Mark A. Brown, Megan E. Hamrick


Abstract   References Volume 4 - Jan 2015

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Experiential Learning: Engaging the Next Diverse Generation of Scientists

Author(s): Mark A. Brown, Gillian Bowser, Emily N. Quick Bear, Amanda L. Purnell, Ellyn M. Dickmann


Abstract   References Volume 2 - Jan 2013

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Should Science be Silenced?

Author(s): Mark A. Brown, Ryan Knodle, Gillian Bowser

Keywords: Scientific Censorship, Microbiology, Social Justice

Abstract   References Volume 1 - Nov 2012

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Issue June 2023

Volume 12, June 2023

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