Volume 3 - Issue June 2014

Volume 3 - Issue June 2014

Support Vector Machine versus k-Nearest Neighbor for Arabic Text Classification

Author(s): Eman Al-Thwaib, Waseem Al-Romimah

Abstract   References Downloads: 388 Pages: 1-5

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Structure and Activity of Fe(III)-Reducing Microorganism Occurring in Paddy Fields of Thailand

Author(s): Bongoua-Devisme A. J., Aurélie CEBRON, Emile Kouadio YOBOUE, Christian MUSTIN, Jacques BERTHELIN

Abstract   References Downloads: 405 Pages: 6-17

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Serum Uric Acid as Cardiovascular Disease Marker: Premises and Promises

Author(s): Jaishree Ghanekar, Gunjan Mishra, Charan Reddy KV

Abstract   References Downloads: 435 Pages: 18-27

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Extraction of Phosphatodylecholine from Egg Yolk

Author(s): T. Elnimr, H.A.Elgharbawy, Reda Morsy

Abstract   References Downloads: 371 Pages: 28-33

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The Ten Spheres of Al-Farabi: A Medieval Cosmology

Author(s): Amelia Carolina Sparavigna

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.517 Downloads: 481 Pages: 34-39

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A Phenomenological Study of Teacher Emotions as an Essential Construct of a Liberal Arts College’s Signature Pedagogy using Sense-Making Methodology

Author(s): Felicidad Galang Pereña

Abstract   References Downloads: 364 Pages: 40-53

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Yield and Extractable Sugar as Affected by Foam and Inorganic Fertilizer in Intensive Cultivation of Sugare Cane (Saccharum Officinarum L. (Linnaeus)) in a Forest-Savanna Ecosystem

Author(s): Brahima Kone, Bouadou Oi Bouadou Félix, Kouadio Konan-Kan Hippolyte, Yao Kouakou, Akassimadou Edja, Yao-Kouame Albert

Abstract   References Downloads: 359 Pages: 54-64

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Effect of Commercial Surfactants on Hase Separation of Liquid Mixtures

Author(s): Filomena Califano, Gabriele Lamonaca

Abstract   References Downloads: 347 Pages: 65-69

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Effect of the Oral Intake of Some Soft Drinks on the Fasting Blood Glucose Level and Lipid Profile of Albino Rats

Author(s): L. J Goje, H. Joshua, I. Shuaibu, P. E Ghamba, S. G Mafulul

Abstract   References Downloads: 414 Pages: 70-75

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