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Edmar Clemente Publications

Obtention and Evaluation of Lyophilized Pulp Powder of Different Cultivars of Avocado

Author(s): Angela Kwiatkowski, Dalany Menezes de Oliveira, Diego Rodrigues Marques, Janksyn Bertozzi, Edmar Clemente

Abstract   References Volume 3 - Dec 2014

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Study Post - Harvest about Impact and Compression Mechanical in the Cell Quality of Guava Fruit (CV. Paluma)

Author(s): Edmar Clemente, Roselene Ferreira Oliveira, Vanessa Daiane Mendes, Simone Molina

Abstract   References Volume 3 - Aug 2014

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Physicochemical Evaluation and Bioactive Compounds in Fruits of Solanum Nigrum L.

Author(s): Isabela M. Reck, Angela Kwiatkowski, Julianna M. Vagula, Edmar Clemente

Abstract   References Volume 3 - Mar 2014

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Application of Biofilms on Fruits of Avocado (Persea Americana Miller) in Postharvest

Author(s): Edmar Clemente, Laura Paulino Mardigan, Angela Kwiatkowski, Juliana Cristina Castro

Abstract   References Volume 3 - Mar 2014

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Postharvest Quality of Shattered Grapes Coated with Chitosan and Stored under Refrigeration

Author(s): Edmar Clemente, TAMURA M. S.

Abstract   References Volume 3 - Feb 2014

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Effect of Alternative Products against Green Mold in Postharvest of Oranges (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck)

Author(s): Edmar Clemente, Maria Eugênia da Silva Cruz, Kátia Regina Freitas Schwan Estrada, José Renato Stangarlin, Maria Julia da Silva Cruz

Abstract   References Volume 3 - Jan 2014

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Microencapsulation of Red Mombin (Spondias Purpurea L.) Pulp using Spray-Drying

Author(s): Edmar Clemente, Katieli Martins Todisco, José Maria Correia da Costa, Sueli Rodrigues

Abstract   References Volume 2 - Oct 2013

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Stability Evaluation of Anthocyanin Extracted from Processed Grape Residues

Author(s): Edmar Clemente, Dirseu Galli

Abstract   References Volume 2 - Jul 2013

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Issue December 2017

Volume 6, December 2017

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