Volume 1 - Issue December 2012

Volume 1 - Issue December 2012

Optimized Thin Layer Chromatographic Method for Screening Pharmaceutically Valuable Alkaloids of Catharanthus roseus (Madagascar Periwinkle)

Author(s): Viresh Mohanlall, N.L. Magagula, B. Odhav

Keywords: Catharanthus roseus, Vincristine, Vinblastine, Vindoline, Ajmalicine, Thin Layer Chromatography, Cerium Ammonium Sulphate reagent

Abstract   References Downloads: 1123 Pages: 1-20

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Citizen participation in public planning: A literature review

Author(s): Chiara Garau

Keywords: participation, democracy, ladder of participation, participatory research

Abstract   References Downloads: 1042 Pages: 21-44

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Implementation of Neural Network for High Impedance Fault Detection

Author(s): Dhiraj Ahuja


Abstract   References Downloads: 718 Pages: 45-77

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Diffusion tensor imaging of peripheral nerves in Churg-Strauss syndrome

Author(s): Ryuji Sakakibara, Masahiko Kishi, Tsutomu Inaoka, Hitoshi Terada, Hagino Rikitake

Keywords: diffusion tensor tractography, peripheral nerve, entrapment, Churg-Strauss syndrome

Abstract   References Downloads: 617 Pages: 78-84

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Regression Analysis Of Humic Acid In Agricultural Tropical Soils

Author(s): Kanokporn Swangjang , Panishkan Kamolchanok, Sanmanee Natdhera, Sungthong Daoroong

Keywords: Regression Analysis, Humic Acid (HA), soil properties, Thailand

Abstract   References Downloads: 726 Pages: 85-97

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The Impact of business strategy on Corporate Performance: Empirical Study in Jordanian Private Banks

Author(s): Adnan M. Rawashdeh, Prof. Dr. Tayfun Turgay, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serdar Saydam

Keywords: Business strategy, corporate performance, Jordanian private banks

Abstract   References Downloads: 964 Pages: 98-106

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Author(s): Ikhane Phillips R, Folorunso Adetayo F, Nton Matthew E, Oluwalaanu Josiah A, Oyebolu Olalekan O

Keywords: Turonian, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, lithoclasts, bioclasts, facies, Nkalagu Formation

Abstract   References Downloads: 798 Pages: 107-120

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Differential Test for Series of Positive Terms, New Tree-Field Representations in Graph Theory and New Number Field, Extension of Dirac Extraction, and Their Applications

Author(s): Yi-Fang Chang

Keywords: series of positive terms, convergence and divergence, differential, infinite integral, graph theory, tree, number system, matrix, complex number, ring, field, extraction, application, complexity

Abstract   References Downloads: 673 Pages: 121-133

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Association of Anemia with Cardiovascular disease in patients with Diabetic Nephropathy with normal GFR

Author(s): Khurshid Ahmad Khan, Professor Javed Akram


Abstract   References Downloads: 798 Pages: 134-152

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Novel low temperature route for large scale synthesis of ZnO quantum dots

Author(s): Hesham M.A. Soliman, Robina Shahid, Marwa Fathy, Mamoun Muhammed

Keywords: ZnO, Quantum Dots, reduction, oxidation, TEM, Optical properties

Abstract   References Downloads: 603 Pages: 153-161

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Geospatial Modelling of Buruli Ulcer Prevalence in Amansie West District, Ghana

Author(s): Owusu-Sekyere, Bonyah

Keywords: Variogram, Kriging, Geographical Information Systems, Spatial Patterns, Buruli ulcer

Abstract   References Downloads: 482 Pages: 162-180

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An improved iterative channel estimation algorithm for high mobility OFDM systems

Author(s): Honggui Deng, Junzhi Zhao, Xu Deng, Songshan Ma

Keywords: OFDM, ICI, time-variant channel, iterative channel estimation

Abstract   References Downloads: 666 Pages: 181-188

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