Volume 7 - Issue November 2018

Volume 7 - Issue November 2018

Effects of Muscle Inositol on Fasting Blood Glucose in Patients with type 2 Diabetes, Blood Glucose 2 h after Meal, and Glycosylated Hemoglobin

Author(s): Xue-ping Yin, Fei-fei Guo, Xiang-rong Sun, Luo Xu

Keywords: Myo-inositol, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Fasting Blood Glucose, Postprandial, 2 H Blood Sugar, Glycated Hemoglobintype

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1786 Downloads: 83 Pages: 1-3

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Effects of Nesfatin-1 on the Metabolism of Glycolipids in the Lateral Ventricle of Rats and its Relationship with the Expression of AMPK in Hypothalamus

Author(s): Rui-mei Xue, Mi Wang, Hui Leng, Xiang-rong Sun, Luo Xu

Keywords: Nesfatin-1, Glycolipid Metabolism, AMP-Activated Protein kinase, Hypothalamus

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1787 Downloads: 43 Pages: 4-7

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Phytochemical and Antioxidants Screening of Chrysophyllum albidum, Mezoneuron benthamianum, Phyllanthus muellerianus and Acalypha fimbriata

Author(s): Morufu Adisa Ademoye, Labunmi Lajide, Bodunde Joseph Owolabi

Keywords: Phytochemical, Antioxidant, Chelation

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1803 Downloads: 109 Pages: 8-18

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Community Based Solar PV Distribution Model in Eastern Kenya: Success Factors and Challenges

Author(s): Benard O. Muok


Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1826 Downloads: 56 Pages: 19-29

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The Influence of Perineural Invation on the Prognosis of Patients with Gastric Cancer after Radical Operation _A Retrospective Study

Author(s): Houxin Zhu, Lin Sun, Tuo Shi

Keywords: Gastric Cancer, Perineural Infiltration, Radical Operation, Prognosis

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1827 Downloads: 46 Pages: 30-34

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Effect of ATF5 in Mice Transfected with Human Cytomegalovirus IE2 Gene

Author(s): Miao Yu, Ting Liu, Ming Hu, Bin Wang, Dongmeng Qian

Keywords: Human Cytomegalovirus, IE86, Mouse Glioma Cell, ATF5

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1829 Downloads: 36 Pages: 35-38

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Color, Tannin Content, and Antioxidant Potential of Dried Persimmon Fruits Prepared after Different Pretreatments

Author(s): Mun-Gyeong Cho, Ji-Hyeong Cho, Mun-yeong Lee, Sanjeev Kumar Dhungana, Il-Doo Kim

Keywords: Antioxidant, Color Value, Drying, Pretreatment, Tannin Content

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1837 Downloads: 72 Pages: 39-43

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Study on the Expression of PCNA in Hypertrophic Scar Cell Model

Author(s): Rong’an Hao, Yu An, Kun Yuan


Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1844 Downloads: 31 Pages: 44-47

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Quality Characteristics of Dried Persimmon Prepared By Different Pretreatments

Author(s): Mun-Gyeong Cho, Ji-Hyeong Cho, Eun-Mi Park, Sanjeev Kumar Dhungana, Il-Doo Kim

Keywords: Dried Persimmon, Firmness, Moisture Content, Pretreatment, Soluble Solid Content

Abstract   References DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.1846 Downloads: 70 Pages: 48-52

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